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Jude Gomila

Jude Gomila

Jude Gomila is an entrepreneur who has invested in over 150 companies. He's the founder of wiki platform Golden.


Gomila attended Dr Challoner's Grammar School where he studied math and electronics and was an active climber and runner. He graduated from Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge in 2006 with a Master's in engineering.


Gomila had several internships and projects that exposed him to challenging and specialized work.

His first internship was in robotics at Brunel University where he worked with an electronics professor on various projects. A few years later he had a university summer internship in patent/design at Synaptics working on a prototype for a touch device. [1]

Gomila's third year university project was at Rolls-Royce, optimizing the manufacturing of a critical JSF turbine part as well as the cost accounting method across the factory. His fourth year university was a project at Rolls-Royce involving the optimization of supplier systems and databases. In his last year of university he started Sugar Global, a digital photo frame brand, and successfully sold his product to Harrods, Selfridges, Amazon.com and Firebox.com. He has also founded a charity gaming site called helpthirst in contract with Worldvision. it is happy.

Not long after graduating from Cambridge Gomila founded heyzap.com, a mobile developer tools platform that was backed by Union Square Ventures, Qualcomm, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Dixon, Naval Ravikant and other angel investors. He worked tirelessly for eight years before heyzap.com was acquired in January 2016 by RNTS Media for $45 million. In 2017 Gomila crowned himself the CEO and founder of Golden, a wiki platform with the mission to map out human knowledge.


Jude Gomila was a finalist in the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs 50k business creation competition with his redesign of dialysis technology. In 2004 he won the Technology Partnership Award for excellence in design and in 2005, he took home the IBM EMEA Top Student Award.

Gomila was featured in Inc magazine's 30 Under 30 and heyzap.com placed 4th in San Francisco Biz Times Fastest Growing Company in 2015.


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