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Judah Smith

Judah Smith

Judah Smith is an American Pastor based in Seattle, Washington. Alongside his wife Chelsea Smith, they lead pastors of the City Church in Seattle, Washington. Judah is a well-known speaker and travels the country to present at conferences and churches around the world. [1]


Early Life



Judah was born in Washington and is a seventh-generation preacher. He is the son of Pastor Wendell Smith. In 1992, his father started the The City Church, a nondenominational, evangelical church in Seattle. His congregation started off small with 21 people and by 2010 it grew to over 6,000 people on six campuses. Judah first got the urge to preach when he was 9 and had a supernatural encounter with God when he was 16. In high school, Judah was a star basketball player.

Pastor Career and Growing Popularity

Skateboarding with Justin Bieber and Carl Lentz

Skateboarding with Justin Bieber and Carl Lentz

Following in the footsteps of his family patriarchs before him, Judah started out as a youth preacher for 10 years before taking over responsibilities as pastor of The City Church in 2009.

He has since grown immensely in popularity and is a mainstay in the U.S.'s traveling preaching circuit.

Judah has notable celebrity followers including Justin Bieber. When he was younger, Justin's mother was a huge follower of Judah and would play his cassette tapes when Justin was falling asleep. He is often pictured alongside another prominent preacher and Bieber's friend, Carl Lentz.

In August 2020, Judah Smith baptized Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin. Bieber shared some intimate pictures from his and his wife's baptism and called it one of the most special moments in his life. The pictures showed the couple holding hands before, during, and after they were submerged in water to mark their baptism. In the caption to the post, Bieber wrote:

"The moment @haileybieber, my wife and I got baptized together!

This was one of the most special moments of my life…"[50]

The pastor placed his hand on Justin Bieber's back, blessed him, and then held hands with the singer and Hailey Baldwin and they prayed together.

After that, Smith allowed the couple to float down and submerge themselves in the baptismal waters.[50]

Authorship and Social Media

An author, Judah has written several books that have collectively recieved hundreds of positive ratings and reviews on Amazon. The books inlcude How's Your Soul?, Jesus is _____., Life is ____., Love Like Jesus, I will Follow Jesus, and Life is ____. Forty Day Experience. Judah has a massive following on social media and as of August 2017, counts over 395K followers on Twitter and 471K followers on Instagram.

Personal Life

Judah is married to Chelsea Smith and they have three children together, Zion, Eliott, and Grace.

Judah is an avid golfer and all-around sports fan.

He believes the Seahawks are God’s favorite team and is praying for the Sonics to come back to Seattle. [1]


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