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Juan El Caballo Loco

Juan El Caballo Loco

Juan El Caballo Loco (born June 24, 1998), is an American pornographic actor based in California. [3] [22] [5]


Loco was working at a Restaurant and was attending high school before he began his career in the adult film industry. [5] [9]

In an interview to Xbiz.com, he said:

“I was lonely one day and I was like, ‘Fuck it!

I’m gonna bug the shit out of big people in the industry,” Loco explained.

“That’s what I did.

I found this website online, SexyJobs.com, and next thing you know, I’m bugging Bang Bros I didn’t get a reply for like six months.

I got a call back from them... I wanna say in November of last year.

They were like, ‘We wanna shoot you!

We wanna fly you out to Miami.’ And I was like, ‘Alright let’s do it.’”[20]

In November 2016, Loco stated he kept emailing Reality Kings, Brazzers, and BangBros, among other talent agencies. He would get no response, but kept his persistence, emailing again and again. [5] [9]

Loco received a response in January 2017 from BangBros, where he was flown out to Miami, Florida for his porn debut. [5] [9]

His first scene was shot in March 2017, doing a Reverse BangBus scene with Keisha Grey. During that same week, he signed a performance contract with BangBros. [5] [9]

“They asked me,” Loco recalled.

“They were like, ‘We want to contract you.

How do you feel about that?’ At the moment I wasn’t sure, but I put some thought into it and asked a couple of friends while I was out in Miami.

All my friends were like, ‘Do it!

It would be pretty dope to do something like that.

It’s Bang Bros!’”[20]

His second shoot was with Chanel Preston.[20]

“The fact that Chanel Preston is really big, and she got to take on a fresh faced newcomer, you know?

It really put me out there,” Loco pointed out.

“And people said that I killed it.

I really killed my scene.

People were like, ‘This kid is fucking awesome.

He’s really good!

We wanna see more of him’”[20]


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Social Media

As of December 2019, Juan has about 4,500 followers on his juan__loco__ Instagram account. He also has over 56,500 followers on his elcaballoloco_ Twitter. He mainly shares his new videos on Twitter.[21][22]

Personal Life

His music interests include Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, and Ugly God. [5] He has stated in interviews, he wants to use his connects in the industry to meet with his favorite artists. [5]


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