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Jourdan Rodrigue

Jourdan Rodrigue

Jourdan Rodrigue is the former reporter covering the Carolina Panthers for The Charlotte Observer. She presently writes for The Athletic.[3]


Jourdan Rodrigue is a Graduate of Arizona State University, Class of 2014, where she majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. [3]

While in college, Rodrigue was a media relations intern for the Arizona Cardinals. [3]


Rodrigue joined the Seattle Storm in 2014 as an in-house content author and advanced Correspondence colleague. While there, she helped and coordinated online media and media relations projects. She at that point got a chance to work for Fox Sports as a substance software engineer, after which she proceeded onward to ongoing relating for the Major League Baseball.[4]

Rodrigue joined The Charlotte Observer in 2016, in the wake of going through a year at the Center Daily Times where she covered Penn State football.

As a correspondent for The Charlotte Observer, she was a beat author for the Carolina Panthers, and investigated the group's measurements, exercises, and news.[4]

At present, Jourdan Rodrigue is an essayist for The Athletic. In one of her articles, she composed:

That’s what I want to bring you at The Athletic.

The little, powerful moments that can change people, that can help people.

The hard news.

The big picture, as this football team moves from archaic to cutting-edge on and off the field.

I want to ask questions that make people feel like they matter; that what they feel and say and do is important in the world.

I want to uplift all voices, speak truth to power and maybe move you to laughter or to tears.[5]


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