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Josue Flores

Josue Flores

Josue Flores was a sixth grader at Marshall Middle - Houston, Texas - Middle School. His sister Sofia says he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up and dreamed of going to college at the University of Houston-Downtown.


In May 2016, Andre Timothy Jackson Jr stabbed Josue to death. The stabbing occurred when Josue was walking home from his school, Marshall Middle. Josue was taken to a hospital and died at the hospital.

The attack seems to have been unprovoked, and Josue was not carrying anything valuable that could be stolen either.

The attacker was originally thought to be Che Lajuan Calhoun, however charges against him were later dropped.

On Friday June 3, 2016 Andre Timothy Jackson Jr was arrested for the murder after he was caught on surveillance near the crime scene.

β€œHe had a bright future.

He was very obedient and he was giving,” his mother, Maria Flores, said of him.

β€œYou give him $10, he would buy everyone else something before he bought himself something.”

A Go Fund Me page was created to help raise money for funeral expenses for Josue Flores.


Police arrested Andre Timothy Jackson Jr, Josue's killer on Friday June 3, 2016 after searching for more than two weeks. The attack was random and without any motive as Jackson had no relation to Josue Flores.

Jackson was caught after Houston Police released surveillance video featuring a "person of interest." The 36-second video showed a man running down a street not far from the scene wearing a green jacket with a partially obscured word containing the letters "LYMEN" on the hood of the jacket.

The video brought a tip about another video, which led Houston Police investigators to Jackson. Jackson had the jacket with him when he was arrested on Friday June 3, 2016.

Police were seeking a black man with a tall thin, build.

He was seen wearing black pants and a black shirt, with a green jacked over his shoulders, who would have been covered in blood from the brutal attack.

Mark Herman, a Harris County Constable had offered $10,000 reward and Crime Stoppers had offered a $5,000 reward for information helping to find the killer.

The Houston Police found a knife on Wednesday May 25, 2016 in a storm drain a few block away from where Josue Flores was stabbed to death.

A neighbor of Josue shared new surveillance video that shows Josue moments before his death.

In the video, Josue, wearing a green backpack, walks alone on the sidewalk south on Fulton Street.

Two blocks away, out of sight of the camera, someone stabbed Josue to death.


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