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Joshua Thomas King (October 23rd, 1987) is an American White nationalist ​ who was​ involved in the assault of Deandre Harris ​, a bystander during the Unite the Right ​ rally. [1] [2] [3]


Joshua was born on October 23rd, 1987, and raised in the state of Ohio ​, where he still lives and works. [4]

Criminal Record

Joshua is a registered Sex offender ​ in the state of Ohio ​ and was charged with the offense/statute of 2907.322 - Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter Involving Minor. He was convicted January 27th, 2015. [5]

Unite the Right ​ Rally

On Saturday afternoon, August 12th, 2017, video footage went viral of a group of White supremacists ​ beating up Deandre Harris ​, a resident of Charlottesville, Virginia ​ who stood on the sidelines protesting the march. [6] ​ According to news reports, Deandre had yelled something that triggered the white nationalists to chase him into a parking lot and assault him, openly, in front of other people. [7]

The Neo Nazis who attacked De Andre are: Michael A. Ramos, Daniel Borden ​, (Not Joshua), and two others. They began ganging up and beating him as he laid on the ground. [8] ​ Some were kicking him, others used weapons such as metal bars and wooden boards. People began to intervene in defense of Deandre, which gave him enough time to get himself out of the space where he was being beaten. [9]

Deandre ran away from the assault just as one of the other white supremacists pulled out a gun ready to shoot Deandre and other people who defended him and came to his rescue. [10] [11]

Joshua is considered a fugitive and a dangerous member of society after having been involved in the assault against De Andre. He is wanted for battery assault. [14]

Internet Reaction

Since the time of the footage was released on Saturday evening, internet activists against racism and bigotry took to social media to help identify the perpetrators of the assault. On Sunday evening, Shaun King ​ offered $10,000 to identify Josh. [15] ​ On Monday morning, several sources pointed to a man named Reed Williams, also a White supremacist ​. [16]


According to a police report at the time of his arrest for being a Child molester ​, King had the following tattoos:


Right arm: THREE TRIBAL DRAGONS/ SHOULDER A DRAGON) , Scar on Neck (SURGERY SCAR VERTICAL) , Right Leg: Two rats having sex, demon face with three faces on that face

Left Leg:Black and grey skull, peppermint candy handyman, tribal skull) ,

Back: Faded angel wings. [19]

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