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Josh Olszewicz (CarpeNoctom)

Josh Olszewicz (CarpeNoctom)

Josh Olszewicz also known as CarpeNoctom, is an American writer, YouTuber, trader, and Brave (web browser) publisher. He is best known on Crypto Twitter with a following of over 119,000. His YouTube channel has over 25,000 subscribers. [1] [5] [19]

Early Life & Education

Josh Olszewicz (CarpeNoctom) was born and raised in the state of Michigan for most of his early life. He grew up in the city of Macomb where he attended L'Anse Creuse High School North, a place where he would hone his skills in the math and science department. [7]

Olszewicz attended Michigan State University where he received his Bachelor's degree in Human biology. [7]

In 2016 he received his Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. [7] [20]


After working as the Neuroscience Laboratory Technician at MSU, he began working for Neuro-Ophthalmology Consultants of Rochester as the Neuroscience Laboratory Technician.

He held the position for 4 years.

[7] [23] [24]


While working as a technician, he also began to write for several publications concerning the topic of blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology. [7] [21]

His social media alias related to the crypto space is CarpeNoctom.



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