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Josh Jepson

Josh Jepson

Josh Jepson pictured in 2019

Josh Jepson pictured in 2019

Josh Jepson (born June 3, 1993), is an internet entertainment creator on YouTube, Twitch.tv, and Patreon. Josh Jepson is also the co-creator of the YouTube channel Versus, a video game racing channel and a Brave (web browser) publisher. [2] [8] [9]


Josh Jepson was a member of the Let's Play collaboration channel TheRunawayGuys and first started posting Let's Plays in December of 2009. [2]

Josh Jepson has worked with many video game companies over the years, including Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Indie Devs.

In 2019, Jepson became a verified Brave (web browser) publisher. [12]


Josh Jepson was originally going to be a vlogging channel of Jepson's, but he never did record anything so it became a side channel for his multiplayer games, the portal 2 custom maps or anything that didn't really fit with what he normally posted. He then decided that it would be easier to simply keep all the games he played on one channel, his main channel. Josh Jepson has now reverted Jepscon back into it's original purpose as a vlogging channel. It is a daily vlog that posts weekly. Jepson records a clip for everyday and then combines all of the clips to show an overview of his past week. [2]


Versus is a side channel Jepson does with AttackingTucans.

In it they compete in single player games, either against each other or other players, to see who can complete it the fastest.


Social media

Josh Jepson is active on Twitter under the handle "JoshJepson". He has over 41,000 followers.

Personal life

Jepson currently resides in Seattle. He hails from North Berwick, Maine. He began seeing his girlfriend Brooke in 2013; they got engaged on August 28, 2015. [8]

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