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John Burk

John Burk

John Burk is a fitness instructor, Social media personality, and a Commentator on his own YouTube and Facebook page.


Burk was born and raised in southeast Texas. At the age of 17, he enlisted in the Army and spent the majority of his adult life conducting daily morning physical fitness training geared towards combat related events.

He married his girlfriend at the time after returning from his first deployment, and had his first child, Isabella.

They then had a second child, David.

They are now separated.

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For 17 months, he served in the invasion of Iraq in a variety of positions in the infantry. After returning, he was honorably discharged.

He deployed once again to Iraq, this time to a 15-month tour of duty.

He was deployed once again, but this time to the mountains of Afghanistan in the Kunar province in the Peche River Valley, at the mouth of the Korengal.

After returning from Afghanistan, he was given orders to serve as a Drill sergeant.

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Once returning from his duty in Iraq he had gain an excessive amount of weight which became a challenge for him.

He made the weight in time for his deployments.

He relates that the reason for his weight gain was a result of poor eating choices, and a lack of physical exercise due to laziness and having little care for his personal health.

During his time in Afghanistan, he witnessed firsthand the effects high altitude had on himself and his soldiers, and realized the importance for functional fitness in regards to job performance.

Seeing soldiers passing out from exhaustion, heat cramps, and various other issues, he changed his views towards fitness to view it as an incredibly crucial part of life.

When he engaged with his drill sergeant duties, he began to have psychological issues and difficult times dealing with survivor's guilt, and stress.

It was then John began to suffer from minor depression and feelings of isolation and worthlessness.

He reached out to a friend one night after feeling himself on the verge of making a foolish decision in regards to taking his own life.

His friend had asked him one very important question: β€œWhen was the last time you were in the gym?”

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John returned to the gym and began living a much more healthy and fitness focused life.

It was through proper diet and exercise that he managed to deal with his demons, and begin paving a new life ahead of him using self-confidence as his guide.

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John is a highly opinionated person on Social media as he writes on his Facebook: "A guy who speaks his mind and doesn't sugar coat it. I'm offensive but honest".


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