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Brittany Herring (Covington)

Brittany Herring (Covington)

A selfie.

A selfie.

Brittany Herring (aka Brittany Covington) is a resident in the West Side of Chicago, Illinois. She is known for being one of the four members who had kidnapped Austin Hilbourn, tortured him, and harassed him while shouting obscenities about President-elect Donald Trump and white people.

Brittany has a public Facebook account. She often posts about sex.

Public Controversy

On Tuesday January 3rd, 2017, Brittany, her sister Tanishia Covington and two other friends, including her boyfriend Jaenone Eblock, kidnapped a special needs teenager, Austin Hilbourn. The teenager is said to have been an acquaintance of the group and they had met with him out in the suburbs. According to Chicago Police, one of the kidnappers attended a school with the victim.

They kidnapped him in a stolen white van and took him to the West Side of Chicago.

Once they arrive at an apartment, a bare, minimalist apartment, they begin to torture the man, forcing him to drink toilet water.

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The man is forced to drink toilet water.

The man is forced to drink toilet water.

Brittany then begins to video record almost half an hour of her and her friends harassing and torturing Austin Hilbourn of where it was first uploaded on Facebook live. The four of them continually make references to Donald Trump as a way to depict him as a Trump supporter, as they yell: “Fuck white people! Fuck Donald Trump!” Austin is tied up with his mouth shut, and at times appears comatose. The four of them proceed by kicking him repeatedly, smacking him around, and earlier in the video Herring demonstrates one of them slicing off a small chunk of his scalp.

The incident took place in an apartment on the 3400 block of West Lexington on Chicago’s West Side.

Austin, who has special needs, was a high-risk missing person from northwest suburban Crystal Lake, police say.

Police say he traveled to Carol Stream to meet a friend.

They ended up in a stolen car, driven to the West Side, where the attack took place.

The music in the background of the video is by the rapper Lil' Boosie.


On January 4th, 2017, police made an arrest after the video went viral across social media. [1]

Austin was treated and released from the hospital.

He is now with his parents.

Social media users confused a mugshot of Brittany Shalynn Davis with Brittany Herring.


Alledged media bias

Alledged media bias

On January 5, 2017, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office said it had filed felony criminal charges against all four.

In addition to the hate crime charges, some of them also were charged with additional counts of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery and aggravated unlawful restraint.

Alleged Media Coverage Bias of the Incident

Several Internet users have complained about misleading article titles that covered the assault and claim that certain news outlets' titles lessen the seriousness of the incident.

The news organizations have responded to these claims by saying that their titles reflect their attempts to be unbiased in their reporting.


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