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Jo Ling Kent

Jo Ling Kent

Jo Ling Kent is a NBC News Correspondent from Minnesota. She was at Fox Business Network until May 2016 and has also worked for other news organization. [24] [5] [3]

Early Life

Jo Ling Kent ( born in San Francisco in 1984. She was raised in Minnesota with her American dad (David L. Kent) and Chinese mom (Shean Yen Janice Kent). She is fluent in Mandarin and English. She can also speak French. [23]


Jo Ling Kent studied in Rice University and obtained the degree of the Bachelor of Arts in History, Asian studies and Policy studies in 2006. She did post graduation from Peking University in International Affairs International affairs in 2008 and also attended London School of Economics in 2009 for Master's studies. [23]


Jo worked in China as a Fulbright scholar in 2006. The topic of her research was the impact of legal aid for underprivileged women and domestic abuses. [23] She started the television career with ABC News as a web reporter and covered Beijing Olympics 2008, Taiwan elections and Sichuan earthquake in 2008. [24] She took up the role of an associate producer in Beijing for 2 years from 2009 to 2011. In 2011, Ling worked as a Campaign Embed reporter for NBC News. [23] Later on, she performed the role of Investigative and General Assignment reporter in NBC for a year in 2012 covering local businesses. [24] Leaving the job in NBC News, Jo Ling Kent joined Fox Business Network as a Correspondent for three years starting from 2013 to 2016. In 2015, she worked for Fox News Radio in fast forward mode for a year. Currently she is working as NBC News correspondent. [23]

In one of her interviews, Jo says about the words of wisdom she finds the most valuable as "Just get out there and do it.

Be humble.

And meet as many people as you can."

Talking about the mistakes and the learning from it, she says, "When transitioning from being a producer to an on-air reporter, I worked in Hartford for NBC Connecticut. I had almost no idea of how to be a good local reporter. At the beginning, I was objectively terrible. Thankfully, because I worked at such a great station with supportive colleagues, I learned from the best and tried to make progress quickly." [1]

As an upbeat, Midwestern person who loathes to complain about anything, Jo says, "when you’re listening to a candidate for the 50th time, and you’re trying to figure out what the story is.

Or there are giant technical failures.

Like you spend the entire day in the North Country of New Hampshire, and you’re supposed to be bringing these events live to MSNBC in New York City, and you just can’t get the video, and there are so many events back to back, and nothing’s working." [2]

As a senior journalist, Jo has some advice for the 20-something with the similar interests.

She tells the interviewer, "Go into the field and do original reporting as soon as you can on a topic you care a lot about.

If that's China, Chile or Silicon Valley, figure out a way to get there and churn out stories with a news organization or on your own. Master the local language. Nothing can substitute for being on the ground and building sources. Come to think of it, this probably applies to a variety of industries outside journalism, too." [1]

On June 1, 2020, while reporting from a demonstration in Seattle after the death of George Floyd, Kent was hit by a flash-bang grenade. While the NBC News crew initially thought that Kent had been hit by a firework, after reviewing footage of the incident from multiple angles the team concluded it was a flash-bang grenade.[45][46]

Personal Life

Jo Ling Kent married Scott Conroy on 22 August, 2015 at the Mountain View House in Whitefield, New Hampshire. Scott works as senior political reporter for The Huffington Post. [19]

On December 29, 2018, Jo Ling gave birth to a baby girl, Mira Ling Conroy.[40]


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