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James Beshara

James Beshara

Mr. Beshara was the Chief Executive Officer and cofounder of Tilt.com, a Crowdfunding site. He is a originally from of Dallas, Texas.


James Beshara was an Economics/International Development and Policy graduate from Wake Forest University.


James Beshara. as of late settled Develo Flies, Dvelo.org, and The MiFi Report. Remembered for both Forbes' and Time's 30 under 30, Beshara has been focusing in on crowdfunding related pursuits since 2007.

Beshara offered Tilt.com to Airbnb in 2017 as an acquihire.

The assistance shut down.

Personal Life

Beshara is a Dallas nearby who experienced youth in an august territory known as "the Bubble".

His father is a business visionary and personal growth maker who is a ceaseless guest on Dr. Phil.

Beshara's significant other, Cheney, is an individual Texan and custom pet portraitist.

In 2015, she raised $230 through Tilt to deal with the cost of a "Kickass Kickball Birthday Partayy!!!" for her huge other.\


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