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Jessica Tarlov

Jessica Tarlov

Jessica B. Tarlov (born March 9, 1984) [23] is an American Democratic Strategist and Vice President Research and Consumer Insight for Bustle. She is also a Fox News contributor. [3] [2]


Early Life & Education

Jessica Tarlov was born to Mark Tarlov and Judy Roberts.

She is of Russian Jewish ancestry on her mother's side. She has a sister named Molly. [11]

Tarlov graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in arts and history from Bryn Mawr College. In her junior year, she went to the London School of Economics and knew she wanted to return. [9] She earned a Master's in political science.

About halfway through her Ph.D,

she decided to study the impact of political scandals on a politician's career. Her

Master's was in survey methods, and her Ph.D was

in quantitative and qualitative research. She would

go on to earn the Ph.D. in political science and government from the London School of Economics in 2012. [2]

During her graduate school years at the London School of Economics, Tarlov worked as a teaching assistant for Douglas Schoen. She researched the U.S. electoral system, with particular focus on campaign finance and electoral college reform.


Graduate School

Tarlov started her career as a project manager at Merrill Lynch in 2007 and represented them with their discussions regarding European Union directives. Her career turned for the better once she accepted a role as a political strategist at Douglas Schoen in 2008, where she also manages some of their editorials and books. [3] She enjoyed organizing speeches and panels at the Yalta European Strategy conference for Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton just before Putin annexed Crimea. [9]

Post-Graduate School

In 2012, she briefly worked as a communications and digital strategist for Boris Johnson's reelection campaign (BackBoris2012). [2]

Her work has been published in media outlets such as Forbes and NY Daily News.


In January 2017, she became a Senior Director of Research & Consumer Insight at Bustle. Currently, she is a Vice President Research and Consumer Insight.[2]

American in the Age of Trump (book)


On July 4, 2017, Tarlov co-authored her first book, America in the Age of Trump, with her the professor for whom she assisted in graduate school, Douglas Schoen. The book argues that the U.S. government has failed its people, resulting in the collapse of public trust in government and a decline in traditional family values and a loss of faith in the American idea itself. [2]

Schoen and Tarlov assess the nation based on issues they claim to be poorly understood.

The crises they discuss include governance, education, economic opportunity, fiscal solvency, national security, domestic tranquility, and race relations.


In addition, they offer solutions for how the American government, along with its people, can overcome their self-doubt and reassert their place in the world.


Fox News

In May 2017, Jessica Tarlov joined the Fox News network as a contributor. She offers political analysis and insight across FNC and Fox Business Network's daytime and primetime programming. [19]

Personal Life

Tarlov credits her parents (and their strong marriage) for pushing her "to experiment academically and professionally.

Having support to take a zigzag path to get where you’re going — and to be cool with not knowing where you’re going at all — has made each phase of my career that much better."



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