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Jesse Osborne (Townville, South Carolina)

Jesse Osborne (Townville, South Carolina)

Jesse Osborne

Jesse Osborne

Jesse Osborne is a 14 year-old resident of Townville, South Carolina. His parents are Jeffrey Osborne and Tiffney Clarke Osborne. He was Homeschooled after being Bullied and then getting expelled for bringing a Machete and Hatchet to West Oak middle high school. In 2016 he was involved in a school shooting.

On September 28, 2016 Jesse Osborne wounded three in the 2016 Townville Elementary School School Shooting after killing his father, Jeffrey Osborne.

Jesse drove the family Truck to the school, crashed into a fence outside the Playground, got out and started making noise. [1]

According to witnesses, Jesse fired several shots into the air and yelled, "I hate my life!", after jumping the fence outside the school.

The shooting occurred at 2 p.m at Townville Elementary School. Jesse used a handgun in the shooting. He had previously been given weapons including a gun and Smoke grenade s by his mother Tiffney Clarke Osborne although there is only sSocial media evidence to corroborate this, and no official Statement was released about the weapons by the Osbornes.

Jesse Osborne was stopped by veteran Townville volunteer Firefighter Jamie Brock who held Jesse outside the school until armed police officers could arrive on the scene, officials said. The initial call came from a teacher at the school reporting that an armed male was on the school grounds and a student had been shot, said Taylor Jones, Anderson County emergency services director, during a news conference on Wednesday evening. The gunman armed with a Handgun never entered the school and the incident happened on the playground, said Keith Smith deputy chief with Anderson County Sheriffs Department. Another news conference is scheduled for 9 p.m. The suspect was apprehended within minutes, said Anderson District 4 Superintendent Joanne Avery.

Jacob Hall died from his injuries on October 1, 2016, another boy was struck on the foot but was later released from the hospital. Meghan Hollingsworth was wounded on the shoulder.

Expulsion from School

Personal Life and Family

Osborne's father, Jeffrey Osborne, had convictions for Domestic violence and Drug possession.


Osborne had his first Court appearance on September 30, 2016, and will be charged as a Juvenile with one count of Murder and three counts of Attempted murder.

He'll remain at a Juvenile detention Facility in Greenville, South Carolina.


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