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2016 Townville Elementary School School Shooting

2016 Townville Elementary School School Shooting

On September 28, 2016, two students and a teacher, Meghan Hollingsworth were injured and one person was shot dead in a School shooting that took place at Townville Elementary School in Townville, South Carolina. [undefined] [undefined]


Jesse Osborne opened fire at Townville Elementary School at around 2 p.m, wounding two students and a teacher before he was taken into custody. [undefined] [undefined]

One of the students, Jacob Hall died from his injuries on October 1, 2016. [1] [undefined]

Before the shooting, the shooter's father, 47-year-old Jeffrey Osborne, was found dead at a home just three miles away. [undefined] [undefined] According to witnesses, the gunman jumped a fence, fired several shots into the air and yelled, "I hate my life!"[undefined]


The gunman was identified by media as a 14 year old, Jesse Osborne who was being Homeschooled after being Expelled from school. [666666]


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