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Jess Cagle

Jess Cagle

Jess Cagle is the Editorial Director of People and Entertainment Weekly.


Jess Cagle was named Editorial Director of People and Entertainment Weekly in January 2014. He is responsible for the print and digital editorial Leadership of the two brands, with a day-to-day focus on People, the world’s most popular celebrity weekly.

Prior, Jess Cagle served for five years as Editors of Entertainment Weekly (2009-2014), where he increased EW's audience and presence in Hollywood, transformed EW.com into a 24/7 breaking news site, and launched the Entertainment Weekly Radiochannel on SiriusXM, where he continues to make regular appearances.

Jess frequently appears on Good Morning America , Today, CBS This Morning ** shows. In addition, he has co-hosted the official ABC Academy Awards red carpet preshow six times. Over the span of his career, Cagle has interviewed Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney and Elizabeth Taylor.

Cagle joined Time Inc in 1987 as a reporter for People. In 1990, he helped launch Entertainment Weekly. He covered the entertainment industry as a senior editor at Time from 2000 to 2002, and returned to People as entertainment editor.


Jess is a graduate of Cooper High School and Baylor University (1983-1987).

Personal Life

Jess Cagle and his boyfriend Matt Whitney are engaged.The

proposal took place while the men vacationed in Hawaii in Spring, 2017.


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