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Jerry Banfield

Jerry Banfield

Jerry Banfield is a YouTuber known for his self titled Youtube channel which has over 288,000 subscribers. He is the owner of Uthena.com, an online educational platform. [8] [11] [10]

Early Life

Banfield grew up as the oldest child of two parents.

His mother served in the United States Army and his father would stay at home with Banfield and his brother. [8]


In 2006, Banfield graduated from the University of South Carolina with a criminal justice degree. In 2009, Banfield got into a PHD program for ciminology at The University of South Florida. [8]

In 2012, Banfield dropped out his PHD program after graduating with a Master's degree to focus on his online business. [8]


Upon graduating from the University of South Carolina, Banfield started working as a corrections officer making $20,000 a year.



Banfield started his Youtube channel in 2011. He started with Gaming content then later moved to informational and learning videos. [1]

Personal Life

Banfield is currently married and is a strong believer of prayer. [8]

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