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Jennyfer Hernandez-Sarich

Jennyfer Hernandez-Sarich

Jennyfer and her Boyfriend, Lucias

Jennyfer and her Boyfriend, Lucias

Jennyfer Hernandez-Sarich was an 18-year-old from Raymond, Washington. [3]

Life and Activities

Jennyfer was a student at Raymond Jr/Sr High School where she was well-liked by her classmates.

She was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Lucias Ludlam.

[4]Jennyfer is remembered for her infectious smile, kindness, and willingness to help others.



On the evening of March 26th around 8:42 p.m., Jennyfer was driving a 1992 Toyota Tercel on US Highway 101 when a 1996 Nissan Pickup heading northbound crossed the center lane and crashed into her vehicle. The incident happened 1 mile north of the Grays Harbor/Pacific County Line. [3]The two men in the Nissan, Jose Arteaga Morales and Manuel Morales Bucio, were taken to a local hospital. [3]Jennyfer was pronounced dead at the scene. [7]


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