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Jennifer Riordan

Jennifer Riordan

Jennifer Riordan was an executive at a Wells Fargo bank in Albuquerque, New Mexico. [1] Riordan was in a flight that suffered an explosion that nearly sucked her out of the plane which was landed by veteran pilot Tammie Jo Shults. She was taken to the hospital after the plane landed, and died of her injuries.


Jennifer Riordan attended Champlain College from 1992 to 1994, where she received an Associate's degree in Business administration and management. She went on to attend The University of New Mexico, receiving a Bachelor's degree in communications.


At Wells Fargo, Riordan served as a Vice-President of Community Relations.

She was responsible for public relations, internal communications, community involvement and supporting local non-profits though Wells Fargo's generous corporate giving program of nearly $1 million.

Personal Life

She was married to Michael Riordan.


On Tuesday April 17, 2018, Riordan was returning from a business trip on a Southwest Airlines plane when the plane's left engine exploded sending shrapnel flying into a window next to her seat. She was nearly sucked out of the plane but was successfully landed by Tammie Jo Shults. [1]

She was rushed to hospital immediately after the flight from New York to Dallas made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport at 11: 27 a.m., where she was pronounced dead.


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