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Jayson Gaddis

Jayson Gaddis

Jayson Gaddis is an American writer, podcast host, and relationship coach. He offers a variety of relationship services and educational resources through his personal website [0]and is a frequent contributor at the health and wellness magazine, Elephant Journal. [1]


Gaddis currently runs a relationship coaching business which is focused on helping fix broken relationships and marriages. Along with the coaching, he also does a frequent podcast called "The Smart Couple Podcast" where he offers tips for better relationships. [0] [2]

Gaddis is a frequent writer on his own blog, but is also an active contributor at the magazine, Elephant Journal, where he writes about relationships [6], marriage [3], and monogamy [4].

His Facebook page states that he began his work sometime in 2008.

[5]currently has ~23,000 followers and ~22,000 likes.

[5]On Twitter, he currently has ~4,000 followers.



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