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Jason Charter

Jason Charter

Jason Charter is an political activist, identifying in social media profiles as a supporter of the anti-fascist movement antifa. He currently resides in Washington, D.C. In June 2020, he was accused by federal authorities of leading June attacks on statues of Confederate General Albert Pike and former in Washington, D.C.[12]


Jason Charter attended George Washington University where he was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa. [1]

Political Activities

Jason Charter led the group Americans Take Action, an organization who's goal was to impeach Donald Trump. Charter is a supporter of Antifa and has several posts supporting him on his Facebook profile while also being heavily critical of Donald Trump. [1] In addition, Charter is pro-choice and has fundraised on the street for planned parenthood.

Trump Russian Flags

On February 24, 2017, Charter engaged in a covert operation on behalf of Americans Take Action. Charter successfully infiltrated CPAC and handed out Russian Flags that said Trump in gold out to attendees. After security noticed, they quickly rounded up the flags and escorted Charter off the premises. Charter did not expect to be welcomed at CPAC anytime soon.

Andrew Jackson Statue Vandalism Allegations

In June 2020, Charter was accused by federal authorities of leading June attacks on statues of Confederate General Albert Pike and former President Andrew Jackson in Washington, D.C.[8]

Charter identifies as part of Antifa, and he posted a photo on Twitter depicting the statues' destruction, calling it a "service to this nation, not a crime." He is accused of helping to topple the Pike statue near Indiana Avenue and lighting it aflame on June 20, then on June 22 leading a group of protesters trying to take down the Jackson statue. He insists he is not guilty.[8]

Prosecutors reviewed open-source video of the Pike statue incident and said they were able to identify Charter, wearing all black, carrying a walking cane and a backpack with a bike helmet hanging from it.

At some points in available video, they said, his face was exposed, and they saw Charter pouring apparent lighter fluid onto the statue after it was toppled.

At one point, Charter pulls up his face covering and lights a cigarette off the statue, prosecutors alleged.[8]

Prosecutors alleged Charter can be seen two days later at the scene of the Jackson statue incident as well, identifying him in part by his walking cane.

He directs people in the effort to tear down the statue, they claimed, and affixes ropes to it.[8]

Charter was also identified by a Metropolitan Police lieutenant who had some interactions with him, according to the court document. [8]

He declared his innocence on Twitter, adding that the fact President Donald Trump is "tweeting at and prosecuting a crippled 25-year-old activist shows how desperate [he] is to create false narratives."[8]

Charter was charged with "depredation" of public property, according to the charging document, which carries a penalty of up to 10 years and a fine of up to $250,000.

Charter is represented by attorney Andrew O. Clarke, according to court records.[8]


Charter has a background in programming and IT.

He has worked as an IT Consultant for Critical Relief for Children, and Web Developer for The George Washington Univerity Columbian School of Arts and Sciences, and was the Director of Development at College Party Stories.


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