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Jasmine Darwin

Jasmine Darwin

Jasmine Darwin is a 15 year-old girl who was a student at Rolesville High School in Rolesville, North Carolina. She has left the school due to the physical abuse she experienced by police officer Ruben De Los Santos.

Slammed By Police Officer

On Tuesday, January 3rd, 2016, at around 7:10 a.m., a fight between two girls broke out inside the dining hall of Rolesville High School. They threw punches at each other, and kicks; Jasmine's sister was one of the girls in the fight. Jasmine arrived in time to break it up. As she and a few other students surrounded the two girls fighting, a police officer arrived.

Jasmine Darwin grabbed her sister in an attempt to stop the fight. At that moment, the cop (identified as Ruben De Los Santos) lifted Jasmine and body slammed her to the ground. After De Los Santos threw the girl to the ground, he led the girl off with her arms behind her back.

Since the incident, Jasmine's parents have chosen to take her out of school.

She has suffered a concussion as a result of the slam.

Rolesville Police Department Chief Bobby Langston has stated that he's reviewing the case. Police have asked the State Bureau of Investigations to conduct a third-party review. Lisa Luten, a spokesperson for Wake County Public Schools, said they are aware of the situation.

The principal of the high school, Dhedra Lassiter, has stated the following:

"The safety of our students is always our first priority...Our school district works with many dedicated officers who protect our students.

It is vital that our children have a positive relationship with these law enforcement officials.

Those relationships are built on mutual respect.

I understand this incident brings up questions and conversations about the manner in which we keep students and staff safe in our schools.

We will continue to be in conversation as we learn additional information."

The girl who shot the video shared it on her Twitter page, which has since gotten a lot of retweets and has gone viral, writes on her tweet post sharing the video: "THIS.IS.NOT.OKAY".


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