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Jared McLemore

Jared McLemore

Jared McLemore was an American musician based in Memphis, Tennessee.


Jared McLemore had a passion for music

Jared McLemore had a passion for music

McLemore was a graduate of West Carroll High School.

Personal Life

McLemore had been in a rocky relationship with Alyssa Moore, a fellow musician.

Moore had domestic violence charges against McLemore and a restraining order. McLemore was known for his passion of music.


Moment he sets himself on fire

Moment he sets himself on fire

On May 13, 2017, shortly after midnight, McLemore committed suicide by Self-immolation. He set himself on fire while streaming on Facebook Live. [1]

He was sitting in the street of 1500 block of Madison Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee when he lit himself on fire then ran into a nearby bar, Murphy's Bar. [1]

McLemore’s ex-girlfriend was reportedly in the bar and witnesses say he shouted that she made him do it.


Another man, a songwriter named Paul Garner, was burned when attempting to aid McLemore. [1] Both were transported to Regional One health center where McLemore died from severe burns. [1]

Garner has stated that the Memphis Police Department is to blame for not stopping McLemore even though he had been reported as a danger multiple times.


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