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James Allsup

James Allsup

James Allsup is an American student at Washington State University studying Political science. He is the campaign manager for Students for Trump and considered to be one of the major organizers for the Alt right and a close collaborator of Baked Alaska.


Early Life

James Allsup was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest State of Washington, he grew up North near the border of Canada in the county of King, Snohomish. It has been reported by a few sources that he is part Asian. James Allsup attended Bothell High School where he graduated in 2014.


After high school, James Allsup was accepted by Washington State University and enrolled - he is currently a Junior and is expected to graduate in 2018. He has chosen his major to be Political science and Government in pre-law; Criminal justice and Criminology; he is also studying Chinese.


James is a Far Right individual who believes in many of the Right wing ideologies exemplified by Donald Trump and other American conservative figures such as Baked Alaska, Nathan Damigo, and Jason Kessler. He also considers himself a Paleoconservative.

Since the presidential elections of 2016, he established a connection within a network of radical Right wing fanatics who communicate using pseudonyms all over the internet, particularly on Twitter.

James has been in the press a few times from 2016 to the first half of 2017 for his involvement in events organized by various Alt right groups. According to several of his videos found on his YouTube channel, James appears to be in direct opposition with the ideologies of Left wing thought, immediately dismissing ideas related to the improvement of systematic racism and identity politics as mere Sjw rhetoric. He is also a prominent agitator and opposer of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

He was punched in the face during the DC inaugural events, and also became a victim of a violent act where allegedly an opposer of James hit him the head with a flagpole.

Freedom of Speech

James claims that he is a defender of Freedom of Speech, though he has been criticized for his tactics.

James is known for being one of the organizers for the Unite The Right Rally that took place on August 12th, 2017.

He was also one of the speakers.

He has gone on record to condemn the violence at the Rally, stating the following: "I think it's terrible that anyone had to lose their life.

I think that's awful... I would even say the same for the Black Panthers...

If you're going to peacefully organize an event and peacefully go to the event, I think you should have the right to speak."

When asked about being seen as part of the Neo Nazis by the Twitter account, Yesyoureracist, he responded with the following: "They have no proof that I'm a racist," Allsup said. "They are slandering me and that I'm racist without evidence because I talk about history and I talk about American politics."


On August 14th, 2017, a tweet by KREM 2 reporter Amanda Roley, revealed that James resigned as the President of College Republicans, and that now, Amir Rezamand, a student of color, will take his place.


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