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Jameir Desean Kirkpatrick[4] ( born January 16, 2000 ), better know for his stage name Jameirkgolden[1], is in a American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He best known for his songs " Losing My Mind ", " Lonely Lucifer " , and " Neon Paint Job ".

Early Life

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky[2]. He began creating music in his freshman year of high school, after being influenced by some of the music artist he looked up to growing up. Jameirkgolden later met a producer in the summer of 2017 and the two later began releasing music together. Couple months later jameirkgolden, would drop a single called " Losing My Mind" that launched him to popularity in the underground scene. Racking up half a million streams shortly after the release.

Musical Style
Jameirkgolden uses music that sets tones and moods that reflect the current mind state he is currently in, matching well with his diverse take on the music he delivers to an audience
Jameirkgolden has received advice for his style from the rapper “Wifisfuneral” and in 2014 after xxxtentacion was released from a juvenile-detention center, XXXTentacion independently released two EPs called The Fall and Ice Hotel online. Jameirkgolden reached out to the artist hoping to receive advice for an artist starting out and he was met with positive words from the now posthumous artist
Jameirkgolden’s fans known as “16’s” welcomed his experimental approach on music
Jameirkgolden is known for using many different flows and styles in his music
often being compared to rapper xxxtentacion for the “emotional vulnerability” displayed on more depressing tracks replicating screaming on much more aggressive tracks, while also having outlandish and shocking lyrics as well their is no doubt their is shared influence when it comes to pushing the boundaries on how far one can go when it comes to creating music. Jameirkgolden has given a flurry of emotions on varying topics when it comes to music ranging from sad, aggressive, somber, hype and more
Death Will Follow Shortly
Before the release of jameirkgolden's Ep[3], Death Will Follow Shortly he posted messages on Instagram with messages telling peers to “Beware of April” because the original date of this release was set for sometime in April. Jameirkgolden had to delay the project a few month’s due to production errors. The Ep later dropped June 2nd, 2018 receiving positive feedback for the cohesive track list and diverse nature of songs the Ep displayed a different side of jameirkgolden’s music.

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