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Jake Trerotola

Jake Trerotola

Jake Trerotola is an American musician and Instagram personality.

He runs the Instagram account Gone Outdoors which has over 332,000 followers.


Early Life and Education

Jake grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and attended Roosevelt High School and played on his school's baseball and track squads. Upon graduating, Jake became a student Luther College where he was a member of his school's track team. He earned a degree in International Studies in 2015. [6]

Music Career

Jake Terra Performing Live

Jake Terra Performing Live

Jake has always been into music and during his time in high school, Trerotola played guitar in the band Savor the Day.

The band split up when all the members went to college, but Jake started divulging into EDM while studying abroad in Florence. He makes music under the name Jake Terra and his music can be described as Progressive House. [0]In 2015, he won a National DJ Competition and played an hour-long set at Spring Awakening. [6]

Gone Outdoors

Jake was inspired to start his Instagram account while he was studying abroad; He saw his friends taking pictures and selfies and he saw an opportunity to capitalize, so created the Instagram account @GoneOutdoors. The account's theme is the beauty of nature and aggregates the best shots from around the world. Gone Outdoors got its first big break when @TheGlobeWanderer to share his content. As of June 2017, Jake has built up his Instagram to have a substantial following of over 332,000 followers. [5]He plans to launch a product line in the near future. [2]


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