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Jacob Peterson

Jacob Peterson

Jacob Peterson was an American freshman at Torrey Pines High School. [1] [undefined]

Life and Activities

Friends remember Peterson as being sweet and intelligent.

[undefined] [1] Another family noted that he was a brilliant boy who always went out of his way to help others with classwork and computers. [undefined] [1]


Investigators at the scene

Investigators at the scene

On May 6, 2017, just before 3:30 a.m. local time, Peterson called 911, asking officers to conduct a welfare check on a minor, who was later identified as himself, standing at the Torrey Pines High School parking lot in the 3700 block of Del Mar Heights Road in Carmel Valley. [undefined] [1] [undefined]

Peterson spoke about himself in the third person as he made the call, he also stated that the minor who needed to be checked on did not have a weapon.

[undefined] [1] [undefined]

Two officers, Gilbert Flores, a 28-year veteran, and Officer Kai Johnson, a 4-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department headed to the parking lot and found Peterson standing in the front parking lot of the school. [undefined] [1] [undefined]

As the officers got out of their patrol cars, Peterson pulled out a BB gun that was hidden in his waistband and pointed it at one of the officers. Both officers drew their weapons while repeatedly telling Peterson to drop his weapon. [undefined] [1]

Peterson refused to follow the officers' commands and continued to point the BB gun at one officer and began walking towards the same officer.

[1] [undefined]

The officers once again told him to drop the weapon, he refused, and both officers fired multiple shots at Peterson.

[1] [undefined]

Peterson was rushed to Scripps La Jolla Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

[1] [undefined]


Upon the scene after he was shot, police found a suicide note on Peterson. [undefined] Both officers were also wearing body cameras during the shooting. [undefined]


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