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Innanet James

Innanet James

Innanet James is a songwriter/rapper currently in Washington, DC.


Growing up in Silver Springs, MD, Innanet James developed an affinity for rapping when he was in third grade. He written bars on a piece of paper his teacher, Ms. Gunn, had seen him so he asked him to share it in front of the class and read it aloud. When Innanet James did, the class when up in an uproar of laughter. He had rapped about guns and wild scenarios.

As a young man, Innanet James father would listen to rap music, and he was inspired to rap after listening to Wu Tang Clan. His other inspiration came when playing Xbox with his cousin they would play Lil Wayne's Da Drought 3- James claims the album changed his life.

In High School High, he started taking it serious, but then took a break years later until he reconnected with a friend who while they were socializing put on an old recording of James and after listening advised he should get back into the game. He helped him with his first recording sessions.

After some time, James decided to leave School and working at DSW to pursue a career as a rapper all the way.


Innanet James is also a tennis player. He is often compared to Vince Staples.

He also uses a high-register tone of voice comparable to Schoolboy Q and Lil Wayne, but with a colorful way of enunciating. His flows are often perfectly placed within Psychedelia and Jazz compositions.


After tasting California burritos he has said that it makes it difficult for him to have East Coast Burritos.


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