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Indule is a lifestyle term coined by Dylan Skolnik and is derived from the term Indulge.

[-1]It emphasizes the enjoyment of leisurely activities.

[-1]The Indule is optimized when paired with Baus.


The word was created during spring 2014 at UCLA due to a misspelling of the world "indulge" on a Dylan Skolnik Snapchat.

It has since rose to mean much more than simply indulge.


Like indulging in something, the activity of induling also involves and operates around the enjoyment of pleasure, particularly in something specific.

Determining the various activities, places, and things that bring you the most pleasure in your day to day life are the keys to your **indule.


However, a main difference in the framework between indulge and indule lies in the desired outlook of what it is you’re doing.

Often times (but not all) indulging in something can come with a negative connotation (for instance, if you indulged in too much cake and felt crummy the next morning).

Induling , on the other hand, always involves a positive outlook, which I believe to be one of its most important qualities, and furthermore one of the most important qualities I like to live my life by.

Glass half full; always attempting to appreciate.


By living an indule lifestyle, you are committing to appreciating the little things in life that give you pleasure, and not being ashamed to show others what those may be.


So back to our original question – how can one indule?

An indule can take form in many ways – going to the farmer’s market, exercising, enjoying friendship, ordering something exceptionally delicious and making sure to not skip out on the additional add-ons just because it costs a little more.

No price can be placed on the indule, because at the end of the day, it’s all about you and your personal pleasure – extra avocado on top of your burrito isn’t going to break the bank.

Instead of going through life simply “as is”, join the indule movement and make each day your own special masterpiece.


Indule Connoisseurs

Miles Anthony [-1]


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Nov 1, 2016, 8:48 AM