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Hugo Bachega

Hugo Bachega

Hugo Bachega is a journalist based in London, United Kingdom.

He is a journalist at BBC News.

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He started his career as an intern for the Reuters news agency in São Paulo before becoming a full-time political correspondent.


His recent work has focused on Human rights and the current migration crisis.

In 2016, he was part of the team covering the Rio Olympics for BBC News, providing daily, live coverage of events.

[3] Previously based in Cairo, Egypt, he covered the protests and unrest in Egypt, the 2014 Constitutional referendum, the anniversary of Egypt's revolution and the crackdown on the opposition.

[3] In 2013, Bachega was in Tahrir Square when the Egyptian army announced the removal of President Mohamed Morsi.

Also that year he covered the violent dispersal of a pro-Morsi sit-in and the Syrian refugee crisis among other stories.


Personal Life

Bachega speaks Portugese, Spanish and conversational Arabic.

He enjoys running and cycling around London during his leisure time.



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