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Hirzi Zulkiflie

Hirzi Zulkiflie

Ahmad Hirzi Zulkiflie (born June 24 1989) is a YouTube Star based in Singapore. He is best known as being one-half of the duo Munah & Hirzi alongside Munah Bagharib, and as the co-founder of their accompanying YouTube channel, MunahHirziOfficial.


Hirzi graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Communications and Media management. It was there that he met his YouTube partner, Munah Bagharib.[2] He then furthered his studies at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, which is partnered with Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore to offer a two-year degree program in creative producing at the Ngee Ann campus in Singapore.[3]


Munah & Hirzi (2008 - 2018)

Hirzi and Munah co-founded the MunahHirziOfficial YouTube channel on October 26, 2008. On December 3, 2008, they posted their first video titled "The X Commandments of a Cross-Dresser" to the channel.[4]

Their first video series, titled "10 Dares", was inspired by the French movie "Love Me If You Dare". The movie featured a couple daring each other, which spurred the duo to film videos of themselves doing ridiculous things that they had already been doing offline. Initially, the series was just meant to be shared between their circle of friends. However, they unintentionally managed to garner a much wider audience.[5] Soon, they were uploading videos regularly and growing a fanbase online. As of June 2019, they have more than 149k subscribers on YouTube.[6]

In early 2018, the duo announced their intention to go their separate ways and focus on their individual careers.

Their YouTube channel still remains available as of June 2019 and the most recent video was uploaded on March 11, 2019 titled "I AM ME PARODY (Interstitials from Munah Hirzi Live Finale Show)".[7]

Acting and Television (2008 - Present)

Year | Company/Event | Character | Play / TV show

2008 | Underground Theatre | Peranakan drag queen[8] |Subculture: Punk vs Peranakans[9]

2017 | Teater Ekamatra (as part of Esplanade Presents: The Studios) | Hadi | Hope (Harap)[10]

2018 | Michael Chiang Playthings[11] | One of The Dreamgirls | Private Parts[8]

2019 | Mediacorp Channel 5 | Host | Stupid Man, Smart Phone[12]

YouTube (2010 - Present)

Since the split of Munah & Hirzi, Hirzi has continued to upload parodies and clips of his stand-up comedy shows on his own YouTube channel, HIRZI Official, which has more than 27k subscribers as of June 2019.[13] Some of his most popular videos include "NASI NASI / TAKI TAKI PARODY" with more than 833k views[14] and "THIS IS SINGAPORE / THIS IS AMERICA PARODY" with more than 437k views as of June 2019.[15]

Hirzi, in collaboration with Benjamin Kheng of The Sam Willows, created "The BenZi Project", which is a comedy sketch series on YouTube. The series feature scenarios faced by most Singaporeans such as "The Halal Gap" and "Code-Switching".[16]

He also occasionally makes guest appearances as a female character 'Syasya' on Dee Kosh's YouTube channel, including a series titled "SYAxRIA".[17]

Hirzi is active on Facebook and Instagram.

His Facebook page, where he usually promotes his comedy performances, has over 7k followers[18] and his Instagram account has more than 99k followers as of June 2019.[19]

Social Causes: Pink Dot SG and Section 377A (2015 - 2017)

Hirzi and Munah Bagharib were the ambassadors for Pink Dot SG 2015, making him the first Muslim ambassador for Pink Dot SG.

For Pink Dot SG 2017, he performed a number titled "The Queen's Medley" alongside Singaporean singers Tabitha Nauser and Nathan Hartono, amongst other performers.[20]

As an advocate against Section 377A of the Penal Code which criminalizes sexual intercourse between mutually consenting males, Hirzi has been met with criticism for going against his Islamic faith. As a result, he lost endorsements from certain brands that did not align with his beliefs.[21]

Commercials and Brand Collaborations (2016 - Present)

Year | Company | Advertisement/Video

2016 | Scoot | "How To Travel Alone In Gold Coast!"[21]

2017 | Grab | "Bruno Mars: Car-aoke"[28]



2018 | GOJEK x DBS | "DBS Brag Off Battle Ep 2 - How Late I Worked Last Night"[25]

2019 | Fakkah Fuzz | Hirzi was a guest in the first episode of Fukkah Fuzz’s podcast "The More Better Podcast"[26]

2019 | Fooditude | Hirzi fronted Fooditude's new food item "Praffles" (a combination of waffles and roti prata) for the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019[27]

Comedy Shows (2017 - Present)

Year | Organizer | Comedy Show

2017 | One Mic Stand Malaysia | One Mic Stand Ep 225 feat Hirzi Zulkiflie[32]

2018 | Canvas Singapore | Comedy at Canvas feat. Hirzi & Syasya Woke[33]

2018 | LOL Events (Malaysia) | Improv Comedy- AIIA x Hirzi[34]

2018 | M Social Singapore | Pink and Brown[35]

2018| Junk Asia | The Junk Show[36]

2018 | Canvas Singapore | Comedy At Canvas with Hirzi[37]

2019 | Light to Night Festival and SG Bicentennial | Roast of Raffles: The Malay Boy Clapback[38]

Personal Life

Hirzi was born in Malaysia on June 24, 1989 and his astrological sign is Cancer. He eventually moved to Singapore pursue his education.[1]

In 2017, two Singaporean men were detained in Abu Dhabi for cross-dressing and behaving inappropriately. As a response to the incident, Munah & Hirzi posted a tweet directly addressing the Twitter accounts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan to help these Singaporeans.[39]

In 2018, Hirzi and local television personality Fakkah Fuzz were met with criticism for a video they had filmed at the Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 8. Many thought that the way Hirzi and Fakkah had interacted with the scare actors were inappropriate and disrespectful as they had responded to the scare actors by mocking them. One of the scare actors took to social media to express the hurt that she and her fellow actors felt. She added that actions portrayed in the video may even encourage more members of the public to follow suit.[40]


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