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Heroic Doberman of Sebekapur

Heroic Doberman of Sebekapur

The Heroic Doberman of Sebekapur is the savior of an Indian family.

On July 14th of 2016, the dog died after fending off four large snakes, effectively saving Dibakar Raita and his family of eight in Gajapati district’s Sebekapur village, India. [undefined] The types of snakes that the Heroic Doberman of Sebekapur fought off were a rattlesnake, two rat snakes and a sand boa. [666666] [666666]

Loyalty of Dogs

This story is a tale of intra-species loyalty and friendship.

Dibakar, the owner of the dog, made the following emotional statement: “I’m quite shocked to lose my trusted pet.

He has made such a supreme sacrifice me and my family that I will be remembering him till our death.

May his soul rest in peace.”

[1] Cases of dogs sacrificing their lives to defend human families are not uncommon.

The Chinese zodiac, a calendar that is thousands of years old, identifies dogs as "loyal", while Dobermans are described as excellent "guard" dogs due to their high "energy, strength and stamina".

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