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Hephzibah Street Brawl (March 2016)

Hephzibah Street Brawl (March 2016)

The Hephzibah Street Brawl in the state of Georgia took place on March 18th and it led to the mortal stab of non brawler, Demajhay Bell. [undefined] On Wednesday, Richmond County Sheriff, Richard Roundtree, declared that all people actively involved in the brawl will face murder charges - says: “This is the epitome of a senseless murder”. [undefined]

It all started when dozens of people came to the 2200 block of the Chaps Lane in Hephzibah to see two girls fight.

Eyvette Lashawn Byrd, a suspect and mother of one of the female brawlers, told police a crowd of 30 to 50 people came to her home wielding baseball bats, knives, pipes and other weapons to fight her 15-year-old daughter, according to a sheriff’s incident report.


The Chronicle posted a YouTube video [1] recorded by bystanders that shows the girls fighting, boys attacking people with bats, and an out-of-control Dodge Charger that nearly runs over people.

Sheriff Roundtree told the Chronicle [undefined] the fight began as an argument between two girls at school, but continued to escalate over time as more people got involved, choosing sides, and eventually meeting on Chaps Lane.



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