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Hayden Summerall

Hayden Summerall

Hayden Summerall (born April 4, 2005) is a singer, actor and rapper.

Personal Life

Hayden Summerall was born on April 4, 2005 in Dallas, Texas. He mother's name is Tisha Summerall and his father's name is Jimmy III Summerall

He has three older brothers named Dylan Summerall, Jimmy Summerall IV and Hunter Summerall.

From a young age, Hayden has always loved acting and singing along with his brothers.

With alot of support from his parents, Hayden pursued this career.

Hayden is currently single and not in a relationship with anyone.

There's not alot of information on his education, but he should still be in highschool.


Hayden started his online career in May 2014, when he opened a Youtube account.

He posted his first video, a cover of Jake Miller's 2013 single "Goodbye".

He has also done covers for artist like Silento, Justin Beiber, The Weeknd, Mark Ronson and many others.

He has teamed up with Olivia Cella for the 2014 single "Best Mistake".

He has also collaborated with stars like Logan Paul, Johnny Orlando. In 2014 he participated in a meet-and greet at Winter Lights 2 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Summerall has also performed with Annie Leblanc at the Rock Your Hair Concert in 2017 at Los Angeles.

He has also been featured in many of Annie LeBlanc's songs "Birds of a Feather", "Little Do You Know".

In 2018, he went on the Left Me Hangin' tour in the United States with Jacob Sartorius.

Also that same year, he released his debut single "Smiles for You" which reached #7 on the iTunes Pop Chart.

In 2019, he launched a line of sunglasses called Taylorz, he also announced that in March that he'll be going on tour with Johnny Orlando for the Teenage Fever Tour.

As an actor, Jacob was casted in 2017 to play the role of 'TK' in the web series "Chicken Girls".

He has also starred in the feature film Next Level alongside Lauren Orlando and he is slated to star in two additional 2019 films.

He also played the role of 'young Peter' in a drama film "Peter's Pan"

Summerall is also very active on Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram, with over 2.7 million followers on Instagram, 200k followers on Twitter and over 950k subscribers on YouTube.


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