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Harj Taggar

Harj Taggar

Harjeet Taggar (born June 8, 1985) is a technology entrepreneur based out of San Francisco, California. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Triplebyte and was previously a Partner at Y Combinator . [0] [16]

Early Life & Education

Harj Taggar grew up in London and attended Burnham Grammar School . He later graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence. [17] [0]


Building an Engineering Team by Ammon Bartram and Harj Taggar

Building an Engineering Team by Ammon Bartram and Harj Taggar

Harjeet Taggar of Y Combinator at Disrupt NYC

Harjeet Taggar of Y Combinator at Disrupt NYC

After graduating from Oxford, Harj Taggar co-founded Auctomatic in 2007 with his cousin Kulveer Taggar and Patrick Collison. Auctomatic built an online e-commerce software to simplify the selling experience for merchants. The company raised money from angel investors including Paul Graham, Paul Buchheit and Chris Sacca. Auctomatic was also funded by Y Combinator. In 2008, Auctomatic was acquired by Live Current Media, Inc for $5 million. [19] [10] [8] [0]

After Auctomatic was acquired by Live Current Media, Taggar became the Director of Product Management at Live Current Media.

He led the development of the cricket.com property.

Originally there was no product on the domain, with a team of three people he built out a fantasy cricket game, news aggregation service and live score feeds.

In under a year Taggar and his team built the site up to just under 1 million monthly unique visitors and 10 million monthly page views.

The site was also generating approximately $30,000 a month in revenue with engagement stats being particularly impressive, the average time spent on the site per visit was over 10 minutes.


In 2010, Taggar became a Partner at Y Combinator . He was the first partner brought on to Y Combinator since its founding. He helped YC startups with product, fundraising, business development and hiring advice. He reviewed thousands of funding applications and interviewed hundreds of companies. He also helped Y Combinator scale from 20 startups per batch to over 100 startups per batch. [11] [0]

From 2012-2015, Taggar invested in the first seed rounds of Instacart, Coinbase, Opendoor and Zenefits. He helped these firms with getting their first products launched, getting early users/customers, fundraising, co-founder management and general problem solving. [0]

In 2015, Taggar co-founded Triplebyte, a hiring platform company that uses machine learning to help technology companies identify and recruit talented engineers. He founded the company with Guilaume Luccisano and Ammon Bartram, who previously founded Socialcam which was acquired by Autodesk in 2012 for $60 million. [0]


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