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Gunnar Lovelace

Gunnar Lovelace

Gunnar Lovelace is an American serial entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Thrive Market and Good Money. [1] [📁]

Early Life

Lovelace grew up poor with a single mother.

He was born in Ibiza, Spain.


He graduated from Besant Hill School in the class of 1995. Lovelace went on to attend the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he graduated with a degree in multimedia studies. During his time at UC Santa Cruz, he founded Junxion pizza lounge and cultural center. [1]


He founded Thrive Market which offers organic groceries online at wholesale prices in the U.S., has raised 200 million and grown to 7 million users and 700 employees in 3 years. [1]

Lovelace recently founded Good Money in 2018, which aims to be a consumer cryptocurrency and algorithmic stablecoin protocol that competes effectively against fiat money. He also co-founded and donated 6.5 million to Alliance for Good as a community of influencers working together on capitalism 2.0.


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