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Gregory Sam Vita

Gregory Sam Vita

Vita In 2021

Vita In 2021

Gregory Sam Vita is an activist from Long Island.[11]

Early Life & Education

With John Franzese

With John Franzese

He attended Herricks High School in Long Island in the 1970s. He went to high school with John Franzese's daughter. Vita took up the sport of boxing when he was in his twenties. He has worked in a deli, as a cab driver and as a caretaker.


Similarities With Tyson's Case

In 1990, Gregory Vita was arrested with less than one quarter of a gram of cocaine in his possession and he was convicted of possession of cocaine with intent to sell.

He was arrested in Nassau County, New York and he was sentenced to 6 1/3 to 19 years in prison. He served fifteen years in prison. Vita draws similarities between his case and the conviction of Mike Tyson for rape in 1992. Vita contacted Homer Gibbins and Bruce Silverglade in order to prove his innocence and as character witnesses. Silverglade is the owner of Gleason's Gym and Gibbins is a former professional boxer.

John Franzese

Vita wrote the United States Department of Justice and President Barack Obama to get John Franzese out of prison. Franzese was 100 years old at the time of his release in 2017. Vita was interviewed on episode two of the Amazon.com audiobook the Everipedia Mob Chronicles hosted by Matthew E. O'Neil. Vita competed in seven unsanctioned boxing matches, which are sometimes referred to as a smokers. He had six wins and one loss in those matches. He was trained by Hector Rocha, who also trained Arturo Gatti.[12]

Mark Ciavarella

In 2022, Gregory Sam Vita began petitioning the court for a sentence reduction for Mark Ciavarella. Vita has a lawyer reviewing the case. Vita stated that the the owners of the private prison system recieved only 18 months in prison and that they orchestrated the scheme. Vita believe that a sentence of 28 years is overkill and that 18 years would be a better sentence.


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