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Giselle Palmer

Giselle Palmer

Giselle Palmer is an American pornographic actress and model She is based is Los Angeles, California.

Sex Life and Pornographic Career

In an arcade

In an arcade

Giselle Palmer was a cam girl early in college, but did not pursue porn until she completed her degree at the age of 22. She shot her first scene in February of 2017. She chose the moniker Giselle Palmer because Giselle was the name in her french class and she was used to people calling her that and Palmer was taken from Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks.

Giselle has performed in a number of scenes including boy on girl, lesbian, POV, rough sec, interracial, anal, threesomes, etc. Palmer is one of the top 1,000 pornstars on PornHub and garnered 118K followers on Instagram as well as over 55K followers on Twitter. [1]

Giselle lost her virginity at the age of 15 to a guy she was dated in the back of his car.

She is into watching porn enjoys viewing BDSM, public sex, and fetish stuff like watersports.

Personal Life

Giselle is originally from Houston. She studied computational math at the University of Texas on a full scholarship. Giselle is a vegetarian. A cook, her specialties are casseroles and southern cooking.


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