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Geoff Bennett (Journalist)

Geoff Bennett (Journalist)

Geoff Bennett is an American journalist that is in Washington, D.C. Geoff Bennett (Journalist) is a White House Correspondent at NBC News. [2] [1]


Geoff Bennett (Journalist) graduated from Morehouse College with a Bachelor's degree in English. While in College, he was Editor-in-chief at The Maroon Tiger. [2]


Prior to joining NBC News in , he covered the White House and Congress for NPR. During that time, Bennett guest-hosted C-SPAN's "Washington Journal", a live, three-hour news and public affairs program. [2]

During the 2016 election, Geoff co-moderated a debate in the race for New York’s 24th congressional district, the top swing district in the nation.

In June 2016, his interview with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made national headlines after McConnell called into question Donald Trump’s credibility as a presidential candidate.[6]

Months earlier, Geoff scored an exclusive interview with the famed attorney advising Apple during its standoff with the Justice Department over iPhone access. [6]

In December 2015, Geoff was the first to report that House leaders ended their stalemate over funding health care for 9/11 responders and that the legislation, known as the Zadroga Act, would be included in a crucial spending bill approved by Congress. His in-depth coverage of the 2014 North Carolina Senate race included a rare, exclusive interview with former Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole.[6]

He regularly appeared on MSNBC and the long-running PBS political talk show Washington Week. [2] Bennett also offered political analysis on ABC's "This Week" and CBSN's "Red and Blue." [2]

Previously, Geoff Bennett (Journalist) covered Capitol Hill and national politics for NY1 News. [2]

In the Media

On October 17, 2019, Bennett was around the Capitol Hill, waiting for Gordon Sondland, the United States. ambassador to the European Union, who showed up to testify about President Trump’s Policy toward Ukraine and his effort to steer diplomats toward personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani for direction.[3]

Deadline.com reported that as Sondland walked to the Capitol with his attorney, Bennett approached and attempted to ask the Ambassador a question. The attorney with Sondland, Robert Luskin, tried to push Bennett out of the way, placing his hands on him at one point.[3]

Social Media

Bennett is active on Twitter, having 48,700 followers as of November 2019. He joined the platform in January 2009. He also has an Instagram page.[1][4]

Personal Life

Bennett and his wife, Beth, live in northern Virginia with their young son. In 2019, the couple celebrated nine years together.[6][7]


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