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Genevieve Kang

Genevieve Kang

Genevieve Kang is an on-screen character known for her role as Jackie Veda in 2020 series Locke & Key

Personal Life

Genevieve kang is a celebrated Canadian actress.

Born January 7, 1989.

She was born in Toronto. She weight 55kg with height of 5ft 5Inches. She is as of now single.


Genevieve Kang had firstly enlightened her profession in 2004 when she made her television debut on the series Romeo. She experiences a great deal of battle to make her brilliant vocation. After 2004 she gain some consideration with a recurring role as Madeline on the well known series Beautiful People (U.S. TV series) in 2005. Other movies she had featured in includes "In Jett (2019)", "The Strain in 2014". She is known today for her role as Jackie Veda in 2020 series Locke & Key.

Net worth

Her net worth is estimated to be in the range of $100,000 to $150,000.

Social Media

Genevieve Kang is an active user of Instagram where she occasionally promote her brand.[1][1]



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