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G Jones

G Jones

Greg Jones, better known as G Jones, is a bass electronic music producer based out of the Bay Area.


G Jones - Don't Hate the 808 - San Francisco 3-31-2017

G Jones - Don't Hate the 808 - San Francisco 3-31-2017

G Jones started playing guitar at nine and first started getting into electronic music by recording himself playing drums and guitar then overlapping it after.

He eventually got into electronic music instruments and started messing around with house and hip-hop like beats.

It was not until 2008 when he first heard dubstep that G Jones transitioned into making bass music.

He first went by the name Grizzly J. Some of his biggest influences are Aphex Twin, EPROM, Rustie, and Doshy.

Jones graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Fine Arts. he attended Palo Alto High School.

G Jones went on his first national tour in 2014, opening up for Minnesota. They have both worked on tracks together.

G Jones has worked extensively with Bassnectar on both collaborating on music and opening for his shows. G Jones has been featured on Bassnectar's albums Noise Vs Beauty, Into the Sun, Unlimited, and Reflective.

G Jones has performed at festivals and events across the country, including Burning Man, Electric Zoo, Mysteryland, Electric Forest, Shambhala Music Festival, etc. G Jones uses Ableton Live for production and performances.

In October 2018, he released his debut album The Ineffable Truth. In December 2019, he released the Tangential Zones EP



MIND EP (with BLEEP BLOOP) (2015)


ACID DISK EP (with EPROM) (2017)

The Ineffable Truth (2018)

Tangential Zones EP


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