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Friend Request (2020)

Friend Request (2020)

Friend Request (2020) is an American movie dircted by Roger M. Bobb and writed by Angela Burt-Murray.[1]


A successful family man is seduced by an ex-girlfriend who is out for revenge for a past wrongdoing.


Credited cast:

Kruze Princeton Dillard[3] ...


Tanya Alina Galván ...


Marc Grapey ...


Vicky Jeudy ...


Erin Luboff ...


Patrese McClain ...


Liam C. Miller ...


Renelle Nicole ...

Michelle (as Renellè Nicole)

David Parkes ...

Mayor Duncan

Larry Rhem ...


Maggie Scrantom ...


and so on.

Short Summary

The movie started out by the celebration of a Lawyer, Malik as he won a major case which he had been working upon for 2 years with the help of his assistant.

A toast was raised for Malik to celebrate him but he was wise enough to thank the team of associate Lawyers; he is about to be made a district associate amidst all his associate but the criteria for this is that he must be clean and be without fault.

Malik is married with a child but unknown to him, a friend invited him to a reunion with the aim of having revenge on Malik and taking over his wife from him by setting him up.

This will in turn destroy his good image and strip him of the opportunity of being a district associate and enjoying a good home.

This same friend in turn planned for the wife to be recognised socially as to the Chef work she does, and in turn used his past girlfriend Rayna to get back at him.

All this fold up in various turns and twist, but in the end, with the help of his assistant, Maria, He was able to know who had been setting him up, even though the assistant died in the process.

The truth unfolded in the end and He ended up being the District Associate and with his family by his side.

Moral Lessons

  • Be wise enough to reject praises from men

  • Trust no one except yourself

  • family comes before position

  • Extra-marital affairs kills the love and joy in a marriage

  • When you are rendering help to someone, know your limits[4]


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