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Ferah Ozbek

Ferah Ozbek

Ferah Ozbek is an attorney.She retired from the United States Air Force (USAF) at the rank of Colonel and is an attorney whose practice areas include military discharge upgrades,board for correction of military records,and Officer Grade Determinations(OGDs).

Early Life & Education

After graduating from New York Law School,she became an officer in the United States Air Force,serving as a judge advocate with assignments throughout the world including Italy,Japan and Turkey.In addition to her career as a judge advocate,she attended Air Command and Staff College and received a Master's degree in Military Operational Art and Science.


Worked For Secretary Of Air Force

Ferah Ozbek

Ferah Ozbek

As a USAF judge advocate on active duty for over two decades,she developed extensive expertise in the military justice system.

While on active duty,she was the Senior Legal Advisor and voting member on the Officer Grade Determination Board that reviewed OGDs.The

board made recommendations to the Secretary of the Air Force on the grade an officer should be retired.

While on active duty,she was a board member on the United States Air Force Discharge Review Board.She

reviewed the cases of veterans who applied to the Discharge Review Board to upgrade their military discharges.

Twenty Two Years Of Military Service

She also presented the cases of General Officers facing OGDs to Boards of General officer who reviewed and made recommendations on the cases.She is now focused on helping active duty officers who are facing OGDs to ensure they retire in grade.

She retired from the USAF as a Colonel after serving 22 years as a Judge Advocate,a military prosecutor,defense counsel,Staff Judge Advocate,and Senior Legal Advisor to both the Secretary of the Air Force Personnel Council and the Discharge Review Board.


Author Of "The Hero Club"

Author Of "The Hero Club"

She is the author of a children’s book, "The Hero Club:52 Weekly Stories to Share with Your Children about Courage,Compassion,Honesty and other Character Traits that will Inspire Kids to be Heroes."The book is available on Amazon.com.


Ferah Ozbek regularly records the Internet podcast Military Law & Life Matters.It

can be found a Internet website: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/military-law-matters/id1292680966?mt=2'.

The following is a description of the podcast:

Arm yourself with knowledge,know your rights,and avoid becoming a victim of injustice.The

Military Law & Life Matters Podcast empowers you to take charge of military law issues such as how to upgrade your discharge,what to do when facing an Officer Grade Determination to other legal issues we may face at various stages of our life.In addition

to legal topics,the podcast will also cover Life Matters--Life Lessons I've learned along the way.


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