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Faith Goldy

Faith Goldy

Goldy in a MAGA hat

Goldy in a MAGA hat

Faith Julia Goldy (b. 1989) is a Canadian-Ukrainian reporter (Journalist). She is best known for her work at Rebel Media. She was fired from the Company on August 17, 2017, in response to an interview she gave on The Krypto Report, a podcast produced by The Daily Stormer


Faith Goldy attended the University of Toronto where she doubled majored in Politics and History while minoring in Philosophy. She graduated with honors in 2012.


Goldy's media career has included work with: Bell Media’s Newstalk 1010, Vision TV, Zoomer Radio, The Catholic Register, Toronto Sun, The Blaze, Laura Ingraham Radio Show, Sun News Network, National Post, and Chorus Radio’s AM 640. Goldy's videos are featured regularly on The Rebel's YouTube channel while her weekly program 'On the Hunt’ airs every Thursday night.

She is a former reporter with the Sun News Network.

Rebel Media

In December 2015, Faith Goldy begun working with Rebel Media, an online political and social analysis stage. There, she introduced political analysis through YouTube and a week after week show approached The Hunt with Faith Goldy.

While working at Rebel Media, Goldy was related with a few contentions and reactions.

In March 2017, She posted on Twitter a video of herself in Bethlehem recording herself during an Islamic call to supplication and seeming to require an advanced Crusade to "take the city back."

In June 2017, Goldy broadcast on Rebel Media a video named, "White Genocide in Canada?", remarking on the Canadian government's unfamiliar movement arrangements concerning the Third World and, therefore, having the quickest pace of ethnic change in the West.

Because of the transmission, a few corporate substances pulled out their notices (and the income pay got from them) from Rebel Media.

In August 2017, she gave an account of the Unite the Right convention in Charlottesville, where she was by all accounts attempting to give standard decency to the White patriot demonstrators; she contended that they recommended a more extensive "rising white racial awareness" in America and asserted Richard Spencer's 20-point "meta-political pronouncement" calling for getting sorted out states along racial lines as "hearty" and "thoroughly examined."

Following the occasions, she expressed that she went to the assembly voluntarily "as a columnist and pundit, not as a supporter."

Termination from The Rebel Media

"Why We Had to Say Goodbye to Faith Goldy" (by Ezra Levant at Rebel Media; August 17, 2017)

"Why We Had to Say Goodbye to Faith Goldy" (by Ezra Levant at Rebel Media; August 17, 2017)

On August 17, 2017, Faith Goldy's contract with The Rebel Media was terminated. According to Ezra Levant, they dismissed her after finding out that she went to the Charlottesville protests despite being told not to go. She then conducted an interview on The Krypto Report, a podcast produced by The Daily Stormer.

Levant provided transparency of Faith Goldy's termination in video format.

I like Faith Goldy.

How can you not?

Brilliant, beautiful, tough, hard-working, great journalist.

She's done amazing work from her investigation into illegal immigrants at the U.S. border, to bringing humanitarian aid to Iraq for Christian refugees, to being the most pro-Israel star in our company.

I was upset that she went to the Charlottesville protest despite my direction to her not to go in any capacity, but we all screw up.

You don't throw someone overboard for making a mistake.

Each of us are second-chancers here; our whole company is a second chance.

But then I saw the news that she had gone on a podcast from The Daily Stormer, and it was just too far. Tough week, but we're going to get back to work.

Personal Life

Faith Goldy is strongly connected with her Ukranian heritage and in her youth danced with the Ukrainian Academy of Dance.

She is a convert Ukranian Catholicism.

Her father is a doctor.


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