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Ezri Walker

Ezri Walker

Ezri Ma'Lon Walker, also known simply by his stagename, Ezri, is an American Entertainer known for his role as Zeah in the Television series, Empire. ** He is also a Rapper who has gained notoriety for the music video to his single, "Be Right Back".


Early Life

Photo of Ezri Walker holding up his gold chain.

Photo of Ezri Walker holding up his gold chain.

Born in the state of Ohio, he grew up in the Neal Terrace public housing in Cleveland for most of his life. After being born in Ohio, he lived in North Carolina and Florida due to the divorce that his mother was going through with his father. The mother and son ultimately settled in Cleveland. His parents were later remarried.

He has two little brothers and mostly grew up with his grandmother, father, and mother in the household.

At the age of 11 he started experimenting with writing lyrics, but it wasn't until he heard Lil Wayne's No Ceilings that he became inspired by word play, rhyming schemes, and delivery in the art of Rap.

Growing up in his hometown, he would often be invited to several high schools to perform his music.



The Land

The Land

The Land

Though he is primarily a rapper, he got his start as an actor for a high-profile film he was casted in called, The Land. The movie is an IFC backed crime/drama story-feature about teenage skateboarders who one summer engage in criminal activity while trying to make it as professional skateboarders. The film was directed and produced by rising filmmaker, Steven Caple Jr and Executive produced by Nas.

The film gave Ezri a lot of exposure as young artist, and received the labeled of Musician-actor by the press.

Land was considered a success at the Cannes film festival.


Watch Out ft.

Watch Out ft.

After the success of The Land, Ezri became a part of Greene & Associates Talent Agency. He is also represented by the law firm of Davis Shapiro. In July of 2016, it was announced that Ezri would be playing a character named Zeah in the new season for the prime time Television Series, Empire. His character shares similarities with the real life Ezri as they are both conscious rappers from humble beginnings.


Watch Ezri kill this Freestyle with & without a beat -- leaving Heather B in tears.

Watch Ezri kill this Freestyle with & without a beat -- leaving Heather B in tears.

During his teenage years, he gained notoriety through his collaborations with other underground artists from his neighborhood.

By the time he turned 18, he was invited to Sway in the Morning with Sway Calloway where he was given the chance to

freestyle and to showcase his work as a rapper.

Ultimately, he passed the test from the public who listen to Sway after a majority vote declared that Ezri should be put in the "game" - that is, to be a part of the music industry as a rapper.

Later that year, he was scouted by a casting agent and was given the opportunity to be a lead actor in a feature film.

Dividing his time between being and actor and a rapper, he's had the opportunity to meet and see artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Erikah Badu work in a recording studio, thereby learning the process by prominent recording professionals. He has released songs along the way in which many are accompanied with a music video such as: "Bet that" and "Goodbye".

"Be Right Back" EP

Ezri- be right back (Official Video)

Ezri- be right back (Official Video)

In early October, 2017, Ezri released the music video for the song, "Be Right Back".

The song is considered a single for an upcoming EP of the same title and is a collaboration with Mass Appeal Records.

Personal Life

Ezri currently lives in Los Angeles, California where he works full time as a Musician-Actor in both the Music and film industry.

He has expressed that he hopes to inspire confidence in people his age are growing up in dire situations across the country.


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