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Everipedia x Olympus DAO Best Page of the Week Contest

Everipedia x Olympus DAO Best Page of the Week Contest

To celebrate the upcoming addition of the IQ token to Olympus Pro, we've decided to hold a weekly contest in partnership with Olympus DAO. To reward and encourage our editors, the Everipedia team has doubled the rewards for the Everipedia x Olympus DAO Best Page of the Week Contest that lasts from November 16, 2021, to November 30, 2021.

Five editors who create the best pages as judged by the Everipedia team receive 20,000 IQ which will be divided in the following way: 8,800 IQ for first place, 4,000 IQ for second place and 2,400 IQ for third place, fourth place, and fifth place.

The pages will be judged on a variety of factors including quality, uniqueness, traffic, length, media, social media shares, and other factors.[1]

To participate in the contest, editors should choose and create a page from the Suggested Pages list.

Only pages related to the Olympus DAO ecosystem are eligible to participate in a contest.

Remember, that the Best Page of the Week entry is not eligible for any other challenges.


Step 1: Picking a page of your choice

An editor should create a page related to the Olympus DAO ecosystem (no other pages are eligible). The pages that are most likely to win are to be written in an encyclopedic manner and from the third person point of view. These pages should have appropriate formatting and provide comprehensive information about the project/feature/token/personality.

A page with a low amount of traffic but is high quality and unique can definitely still win.

If a user needs some feedback on the page idea, they should feel free to reach out to Violetta Ziborova.

Step 2: Creating the page

The next step is to create the page.

An editor should make sure it meets the minimum requirements and goes above and beyond.

This contest is all about the best pages on Everipedia so an editor needs to make sure to add as much good quality information, media, infoboxes, references, tables, sections, and other elements. While it's important to have a page that has a lot of information it is also important to make sure that the writing is logical, concise with no unnecessary or confusing words, and with no spelling and grammar mistakes.

Before submitting a page, editors should feel free to reach out to Violetta Ziborova for advice on how to improve the page in order to have the best chance of winning. However, users need to remember that there are only one 5 winners each week so even if they make all the improvements they may still not win.

Step 3: Entering your page in the contest

An editor must enter their page in the contest under the "Entries" header below.

To make an entry, one should add their name as a header to the entries section and link their page below the name.

An editor can only submit one page per week.

Everyone should submit their entry by Monday at 12 pm PST.

Step 4

We will announce the winners, send them their 8,000, 4,000, or 2,400 IQ rewards, and share their page across our social media when each week's winner is decided.

Zero Tolerance for Cheating

If someone engages in fraud, vandalizes the pages of others, or tries to steal the work of others they will be banned from all Everipedia initiatives. Honest editors have nothing to worry about. This policy only exists to prevent cheating and fraud.


The reward amounts and the requirements of the challenge can be changed at any time and for any reason.

We will always try our best to be fair.

Pay attention! People that take pages to write on from the "Suggested Pages" list have no priority over those who came up with their own idea of an entry and vice versa. Ideas outside the "Suggested Pages" for this contest should be discussed with Violetta Ziborova.

Suggested Pages

Please, follow the link to choose a page out of several suggested in the spreadsheet and put your name in the "Editor's Name" column:




November 16 - November 23

1 place: Odukzspeaks - Zeus (OhmZeus)

2 place: Feekaryo - FOHMO

3 place: Mosesgadang - Olympus Pro

4 place: joshualore22 - Atlantis DEX

5 place: Samuel Shamo - OHM

November 23 - November 30

1 place: davidoludele - Apollo (OhmDAO)

2 place: Samuel Shamo - Unbanksy

3 place: joshualore22 - Olympus Agora

4 place: Praiz - Ohmie Cards

5 place: Mosesgadang - Pendle Finance


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Nov 12, 2021, 10:16 PM