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Erik Brust

Erik Brust

Erik Brust is the CEO and Co-Founder of JonnyPops, an Ice Cream and Popsicle company. [0] [1]


Erik Brust earned his Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Statistics from St. Olaf College in the Class of 2014. [1]


He was an intern at Torax Medical.

Between 2006-2011, he was the CEO of Hullaballoo Apparel. [1]


Erik Brust Co-Founded JonnyPops while he was in college.

He and several friends started making smoothies out of their College's Dormitory. [1]

The company's popsicles have less than half the sugar and fat of traditional ice cream pops.


Kroger, Walmart, Target and Costco have all stocked their stores with JonnyPops. [0]

His involvement in the company earned him and Connor Wray a position in the Forbes 30 Under 30 (2018) under the Food & Drink category. [0]


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