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JonnyPops is an Ice cream and Popsicle company based in Minneapolis, MN.



Their pops are frozen fruit and cream bars, made with simple, natural ingredients.

Some of the pops are made with authentic cream or Coconut milk.



The company also does catering, brining large amounts of their pops in Freezers for Weddings, Birthday parties and other celebratory events.



JonnyPops was founded by college students in 2011, using blenders and real fruit in their dorm rooms to create delicious flavor combinations.


Part of the proceeds are donated to Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, since Jonny passed away from a drug overdose after helping come up with the idea for JonnyPops.


The company was featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 (2018) with Erik Brust and Connor Wray being lauded in the Food & Drink category.



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