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Hubbs (Barstool)

Hubbs (Barstool)

Eric Huberman, better known Hubbs, is a blogger and podcast host at Barstool Sports.

He is originally from Manalapan Township, New Jersey .



Hubbes is a blogger of various topics in pop culture and covers the New York Yankees beat for Barstool Sports.

[2] [1] He is the the assistant to Kmarko.

[1] In addition, Hubbs is the podcast co-host of The Short Porch alongside Tommy Smokes.


Previously, Hubbs was a sports writer for different websites such as TakingBadSchotz.com and StoopSports.com.

He also interned for the Tommy G Radio Show and Tradesports.com [3]


Hubbs is a graduate of Manalapan High School.

He attended Syracuse University where he earned a BS in communications and rhetorical studies in 2016.



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