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Alexander Dennis, better known as EPROM, is an electronic music producer based in Portland, Oregon. [6]

Early Life and Education

Dennis grew up in Vermont and began listening to electronic music when he was 13 and was inspired to produce after hearing the soundtrack to the movie Hackers. [12] He listened to different sub-genres including electro and house over time and started producing Drum and bass when he was 17. [12] Some of his early influences were Dillinja, Nero, Skynet, and more. He went to college on the west cost at the University of California, Santa Cruz. [12] He became deeply involved with the bass scene in the area and moved up to San Francisco upon graduating. [12]

Career and Music

What inspired Dennis to chose EPROM as his moniker was how the EPROM chip was used in old analog synths. [13] He describes his music "Digital dysphoria propelled by dreams of a dead pixel billboard sky. Programs for robot ascension." [13] EPROM has played festivals and events around the world and has influenced a generation of bass musicians. One notable artist he influenced, G Jones, has become one of his most well-known collaborators.[5] Alongside Alix Perez , Dennis and Perez perform as the experimental bass duo SHADES.[8] In March 2019, Dennis collaborated with Flume on his Mixtape Hi This Is Flume on the song "Spring" and on the remix of Sophie's song "Is It Cold in the Water?"[8]

Discography [8]


Metahuman (2012) Rwina Records

Halflife (2013) Rwina Records

Singles & EPs

64 Bytes EP (2007) Addictech Records

Shoplifer (2010) Bad Acid

The Bay Area EP (2010) Independent

Never (2010) Surefire Sound

Haumanoid (2010) Rwina Records

Feldspar (2011) Leisure System

Pipe Dream (2011) Rwina Records

Regis Chillbin (2012) Rwina Records

Samuari EP (2016) Independent

Pineapple EP (2017) Eprom Music

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